Gerber Insurance 80th Anniversary

An incredible celebration with colleges and clients alike. Gerber Insurance has 3 generations of family CEO's!


Gerber Insurance


September 28th 2023


Event Coverage, Instant Print Photo booth

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Gerber Insurance 80th Anniversary

Initial contact via email progressed quickly with and accurate quote that met the immediate need while also providing additional solutions. Working closely together we discussed the expectation of coverage from our team and deliverables.

Gerber Insurance requested:

  • 2 hours event video coverage
  • 1 hour of event photography coverage
  • a 60-90 second recap video
  • up to 50 event images

During emails between our team and their event planning staff, we mentioned the idea of a potential photo booth  for guests and speakers to remember the night. It was a brand new product for us at the time. An instantly printed 5x7 photo!

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The content process

The production of the event was flawless thanks to the event coordinators both from Gerber Insurance and Bell Manor; the venue. First music and dinner and a time for a photo opportunity, followed by some notable words from owner, employees, and esteemed guests.

In this stage, we:

  • Set up at the filming location, ensuring optimal lighting, sound, and aesthetics.
  • Employ state-of-the-art equipment and technology to capture and deliver 5x7 prints in real time.
  • Follow the nights order of events and be prepared as the night unfolds
  • Capture multiple shots and angles to provide variety and enhance the visual storytelling.

Our dedicated production team works meticulously to capture every detail, ensuring that the video reflects the intended message and meets the highest quality standards. We pay attention to the creative vision, technical aspects, and overall production value to deliver a video that exceeds expectations.

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The work behind the computer

Editing of the photo booth images was performed on-site and printed real-time! We are thrilled to begin offering this printing service in 2024. Post-Production of the other media was processed according to need;

  • Photography
  • Recap Video
  • Full Length Event Recording

Photography took highest priority, with a preview being completed first. Next was the Recap Video that you can view at the top of this article. Finally, the last piece to hit the editors desk was the full length event recording.

Video Delivery

Finalization and Delivery

The final stage of the video production process involves the finalization and delivery of the completed video. This stage focuses on quality control, client feedback, and ensuring that the video is ready for distribution across various platforms.

In this stage, we:

  • Review the final video to ensure it meets the client's expectations and adheres to our high standards of quality.
  • Incorporate any necessary revisions or changes based on client feedback.
  • Optimize the video for different platforms, formats, and resolutions to maximize its reach and impact.
  • Deliver the final video to the client in the desired format, whether it's for web, broadcast, or other specific requirements.

We delivered a preview of images edited to the client by the following Monday for use with social media. We also provided all of the digital photo booth images. The recap video was delivered October 17th approved with minor changes to the ending/logo + colors. A PDF was provided that defined the musical piece used in the recap video.

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