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Loge Media has been in business since 2015 and has remained in the Chillicothe, Ohio area. In that time, we have not only served south central Ohio; but the greater midwest United States!

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Logan Detty

OWner // lead Creator

Logan's passion for photography ignited during high school, leading him to pursue studies at the Ohio Institute of Photography and Technology. Returning to Chillicothe, Ohio, he embarked on reshaping perceptions of the craft. Through dedication and perseverance, he's built and evolved a team, now consisting of himself and his wife, Haleigh, carrying the torch together.

Renowned as a leading professional in the industry, Logan specializes in diverse projects, from events to commercials and editorials.With a commitment to innovation and quality, Logan continues to push boundaries and capture unforgettable moments. Their journey reflects a dedication to excellence and a shared love for their craft.
Haleigh Detty

Co-owner // Photographer

Haleigh, co-owner of Loge Media, has been instrumental since the company's inception. A devoted wife and mother of two, she was a driving force behind Logan's decision to launch the company. Over time, Haleigh has transcended her role, evolving from assisting with wedding photography to specializing in maternity, family, and children's portraits while maintaining a pivotal role in media creation.Although she lacks a formal degree, Haleigh's dedication to her craft mirrors Logan's commitment to continuous improvement.

With hands-on experience and a keen eye for photography, she continues to refine her skills, contributing to the company's success.Haleigh's journey epitomizes resilience and determination, embodying the essence of family, creativity, and unwavering support within Loge Media's dynamic team.

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