Chillicothe Transit System

The transit department of Chillicothe has a brand new vehicle in its fleet! Enjoy a ride thru Ohio's first capital in vacation style luxury.


Chillicothe Transit System


June 21st 2022



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Chillicothe Trolley

Being in Chillicothe for so many years does have its perks! When the City of Chillicothe Transit Department reached out with a need to communicate their vision for the brand new trolly, they called Loge Media.

In this stage, we:

  • Conduct in-depth discussions with clients to understand their goals, preferences, and target audience.
  • Develop a comprehensive video concept, including the storyline, script, visual elements, and overall creative direction.
  • Create a detailed production plan, outlining the timeline, budget, resources, and logistics required for the video shoot.

By focusing on strategic planning and conceptualization, we ensure that every aspect of the video aligns with our clients' objectives and resonates with their target audience. This stage sets the groundwork for a successful and impactful video production.

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The content process

The production stage is where the magic happens. With this production in particular, we spent a total of 1 day in production, we traveled through various location around chillicothe showcasing how the trolley would be used. With our skilled team of videographers, directors, and production crew, we bring the video concept to life. This stage involves capturing compelling visuals, recording high-quality audio, and directing the on-screen tale to deliver an engaging performance.

In this stage, we:

  • Set up the filming location, ensuring optimal lighting, and aesthetics.
  • Direct and guide the talent, ensuring they deliver their lines or actions with authenticity and professionalism.
  • Capture multiple shots and angles to provide variety and enhance the visual storytelling.

Our dedicated production team works meticulously to capture every detail, ensuring that the video reflects the intended message and meets the highest quality standards. We pay attention to the creative vision, technical aspects, and overall production value to deliver a video that exceeds expectations.

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The work behind the computer

Once the filming is complete, we enter the post-production stage, where we bring all the elements together to craft a polished and visually captivating video. This stage involves video editing, adding special effects, enhancing the audio, and incorporating graphics or animations as needed.

In this stage, we:

  • Carefully review and select the best footage captured during filming.
  • Edit the video, ensuring smooth transitions, proper pacing, and visual continuity.
  • Enhance the video with color correction, visual effects, and motion graphics to create a visually stunning result.
  • Incorporate appropriate music, sound effects, and voiceover to enhance the overall impact of the video.

Our skilled editors work closely with our clients to ensure that the final video aligns with their vision and objectives. We strive for perfection, paying attention to every detail to create a captivating video that effectively communicates the intended message.

Video Delivery

Finalization and Delivery

The final stage of the video production process involves the finalization and delivery of the completed video. This stage focuses on quality control, client feedback, and ensuring that the video is ready for distribution across various platforms.

In this stage, we:

  • Review the final video to ensure it meets the client's expectations and adheres to our high standards of quality.
  • Incorporate any necessary revisions or changes based on client feedback.
  • Optimize the video for different platforms, formats, and resolutions to maximize its reach and impact.
  • Deliver the final video to the client in the desired format, whether it's for web, broadcast, or other specific requirements.

Our commitment to excellence extends to the final stage, ensuring that the video is of the highest quality and ready to captivate audiences. We take pride in delivering videos that surpass expectations and effectively communicate our clients' messages.

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